My First and Definitely-Not-My-Last Reiki Session


The Holistic Fair season started for me this past weekend. While I did sell a number of items, the insights that I gain at these events are priceless.

First of all, the vendors are great people. I was invited to numerous events by other vendors, some of which I will be attending. You meet so many interesting people who are just as healthy minded as you are.

Secondly, I gained valuable insights about selling. One wise lady reminded me that profits were not everything, but what you learn from others is just as valuable. This is so very true feisty ladies. I always do learn a lot about sales, marketing, and most importantly, networking. All in attendance always comment on the Feisty Woman marketing and simply love it.

Thirdly, the shopping is so appealing that you simply need to shop. I purchased Young Living Oils, which I have been using for some time. I bought books. I sampled all kinds of treats.

And then I decided to try a Reiki session. I read the brochure that explained to me what Reiki actually is. “Reiki is a technique that reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and promotes spiritual, emotional, and mental healing.” Considering the week that I had just had at work, trying this technique out seemed like a great idea. I read the five principles of Reiki with great interest. 

The five principles of Reiki are:

Just for today, do not be angry. (Really? At my job? This is not always easy.)

Just for today, do not worry. (What.. me worry?)

Just for today, be grateful. (I write 5 things in my grateful journal every night, even though some days it is difficult to find 5 things that I can include.)

Just for today work hard. (I always do, so this was an easy one.)

Just for today, be kind to others. (I always do my best with this one, too.)

We should all do our best to live and act in a manner that promotes harmony with others. I totally agree with this!

Still not at all knowing what to expect, I was totally blown away by the 20 minute session. The energy that passed through my head from hands of the Reiki healer, radiated through my shoulders, arms, stomach, and through my legs was simply astounding. Three days later, my head, shoulders, and legs remain “open” and feel like I am “floating”. Gone is my neck pain, shoulder stiffness, and the stiffness in my legs. The brochure also let me know that the treatment would relax me (done), help me feel at peace (done), and relieve stress (done). I have now started to begin meditating 10 minutes every day in the hope of keeping these sensations continuing to envelope my body, mind, and spirit. So far, so good. A special shout out to and Richard. This was truly a life changing experience!