The Feisty Lady and Being an Auntie


It has been said that Aunties are a gift from God. (I would agree with that statement wholeheartedly.)  Aunties offer so much to their nieces and nephews. (I agree with that statement, too.) Numerous folks have told me that I am a great gift to my nieces and nephews. (“Wish that I had an Auntie like you when I was growing up.” Thanks for the kind words.) I have thirteen nieces and nephews (including great nieces and nephews) and I do my best to be a fun loving, helpful, and positive part of their lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the most part, nieces and nephews are grateful for all that I do for them, except when they become quiet, sullen, moody teenagers and who knows what they really think. I press on and do all that I can for them without being to smothery, mothery (that is my own word), or crazy. 

I have complied a short list of all the things that I do as an Auntie. (And truth be told, they actually do some of the same things for me.) If you are an Auntie your list might be the same as mine. Check out my list below and let me know what you think.

“Auntie Elizabeth, (according to all my nieces and nephews, I hope), is all of the things listed below.”  (My response is included after each comment.)

1. Has been a positive influence in my growing up. “She is all great role model. I want to be just like her.”(I can only hope.)

2. Like a second Mom. “Sometimes I even call her …Mom and she just smiles.” (That does sounds nice.)

3. Great teacher. “She helps me see things in a different way. And does not lecture nearly as much as my Mom.” (I surely do…to both sentences.)

4. Is a great gift giver. “She brings a present after every trip, vacation, or shopping    trek. Even a small gift will do. She never forgets me.”  (I buy 10 of each item on each and every trip.)

5. An amazing listener. “My stories are always welcome even if she has heard them before.” (Some stories, kiddos, are best after being heard more than once.)

6. Is always there for me.  “Sometimes she is even waiting at the door for me to visit.”  (I am always glad to see them all.)

7. Shares great advice. “When I was your age… and I actually listen.” (I hope so.)

8. Lives her values everyday. “You have to behave and set a good example for others because some people need a reminder how to act.” (This usually works.)

9. Loves spending time with me.  “She always plays sports and games with me. She seems to have lots of energy.” (They should see me later on after the games.)

10. Laughs and plays with me all the time. “She always laughs at my bad jokes and will play almost any board game. (Except Monopoly which I hate.)

11. Is a great babysitter. “She helps us make forts, never takes sides in pillow fights, reads at least six books before bedtime, and allows us play flashlight tag for hours.” (The forts, pillow fights, and books are all easy. The flashlight tag lasts only about ten minutes, but seems way longer than that.)

12. Is a positive disciplinarian. “If you do not listen, you have to go home.” (This works each and every time.)

13. Gets to the do the fun stuff with us. “She takes us to the playground, the park, and the swimming pool swimming pool every day. She says that we need fresh air.” (Anything to get them off of their tablets.)

14. Gives lots of hugs and kisses. “And not just at bedtime but all throughout the day.” (Hugs throughout the day are as important as snacks.)

15. Loves us. “She tells us this a lot during the day.” (Kids can never ever hear this enough. Say it often!)

So Aunties, remember that your love and care will impact their lives forever. Never ever underestimate the import role that you have in their lives. You are making great memories with them. And remember those words that really say it all: they may not always remember your “Auntie words” but they do remember how you as their Auntie made them feel. And to feel loved, adored, cherished, and so very important is what we do best for our nieces and nephews. I even text them during the day, complete with the emojis, to check in with them and they love it. 

So enjoy the Auntie title, feisty ladies, one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Being an aunt has enriched my life more than I could ever imagine. It has helped me to really appreciate my life and all of the great things in it as seen through the eyes of nieces and nephews, young and old.