Feisty Forest Bathing


I found this topic absolutely unusual yet fascinating. 


In 1980, as a cornerstone of preventative health, the Japanese established the concept of forest bathing. No special clothing, equipment, location, or prescription was needed. How great is that? One simply finds a forest, walks quietly into the forest, and takes in all of the sights, scents, sounds, textures, and tastes what the forest offers. You could sit on a creek bank or simply meander on a trail. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Wow. I haven’t done this sort of thing since I was a little kid exploring the woods around my Grandmother’s farm. Those really were the good old days according to the following findings.

Studies have shown that forest bathing offers many health benefits. The list is long

  1. Lowers stress levels (You are removed and away from all stressors.)
  2. Boosts your immune system (You are breathing healthier air.)
  3. Improves your mood (No one is around to bother you.)
  4. Reduces blood pressure (See all above factors.)
  5. Can improve your overall relaxation (Same effect as a bubble bath…)
  6. Offers you time to unwind (No electronic devices are allowed.)
  7. Reduces heart attack risk (Because it reduces your stress, blood pressure levels, and pulse rate.)
  8. Improves diabetes risks (Lowers your glucose levels.)
  9. Gives you more energy and improves your sleep (Who does not need both of these thing?)
  10. Improves your skin quality (Terpenes produced by the trees, absorbed by you.)
  11. Provides a break from all of your electronic devices (We all really need this.)

This list is a great reason just to take a walk in the forest. It will definitely work for me. But what if you do not live near a forest? A picture of a forest will do as well as deeply inhaling near big tree, lying under a big tree, laying down on a patch of healthy grass, or going to a nature park. One of these items is available for all of us.


So feisty women, embrace your forest bathing side and remember that nature is much cheaper than therapy. Go to the forest and “bathe” at least weekly or monthly. Let me know how much better you feel. It works for me as long as I stay away from the poison ivy!