March For Our Lives



This blog post was written in honor of all the victims of gun violence, including my young cousin, Frankie. 

While I couldn’t make the recent March For Our Lives, I was deeply moved by the marchers’ signs and banners that I saw on TV and in the newspapers.

I truly hope the march will inspire change and prevent hundreds of lives being taken every year from senseless gun violence. In light of the most recent school tragedy, we should pause 17 minutes every day (one minute for each victim) and reflect on what we might do to save the lives of our children.

Some of the signs that really struck me include:

Arms are for hugging.” (Can’t say that enough).

“Aren’t they called assault weapons for a reason?”(We all know what assault means.)

“If you want to use fire an assault weapon, join the military.” (Amen to that one.)

“Thoughts and prayers are not enough.” (They surely are not. Tell that to a grieving parent.)

“We need policy changes.” (NOW!)

“Hunters for Gun Control” (Sounds about right. Wasn’t that the original NRA goal?)

“Betsy DeVos is the only thing that should be fired at a school.” (Today is good.) 

“Trained to be a teacher not a sharp shooter.” (Exactly!)

"I want the same rights as a gun has." (Yes, right now!)

“Lock down guns not schools.” (Sounds reasonable.)

“Enough is Enough.” (It surely is.)

Never again. (We can only hope.)

“Vote them out.” (About time for them to go.)

“Register to vote.” (Take your parents and family members with you to vote.

“Always stand with the children.” (It is our moral duty.)

“Enough is Enough.” (It surely is.)

“Love your kids not your guns.” (Some folks love their guns more, unfortunately.)


I was overwhelmed with pride for the thousands that marched. Something needs to be done to protect every citizen from gun violence, especially our children.

My family has also been affected by gun violence. While it’s difficult to talk about, it’s important to share my family’s story to help propel change so something like this never happens again.

My young cousin, Frankie, was killed two years ago by the firing of an unsecured gun. Today he would be sixteen. His family misses him every single day. It was an “accident,” they said. What gun fires itself? Let me know how that can be.

Frankie had dreams, plans, and things that he wanted to do. He loved fishing, hunting, hanging out with friends, and his family. Interests in 4-H, and caring for his animals, playing drums in the Band, four-wheeling, and wrestling were once a big part of his life. But one day that all changed.

He and some friends, all innocent children, got into mischief and things went horribly wrong. Frankie’s life ended tragically early, all because an unsecured gun and ammunition were in the home the day. No one was blamed. Again, just an “accident,” they said. Who was responsible for his untimely passing?

We have laws that hold a bar owner responsible if someone leaves said establishment drunk. If you hurt someone with your car, the car owner is responsible. So what about a gun owner? Shouldn’t they be responsible for the misuse, improper securing, shooting of their gun, and the untimely death of someone? Seems logical to me.

More and more we hear about people being shot and no one is blaming the owner of the weapon used. I believe that you should be held responsible if your weapon results in the death of another person. It just might equal the playing field and stop some of the senseless deaths that we hear about, unfortunately, every day.

So my fellow feisty women, use your voice, march, speak up, call your Congress people, call your local representatives and demand changes to our gun laws. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas students need our help. 

I feel that one marcher’s sign really said it all: “Any child’s life is more important than any gun.” (We all know this, don’t we?) So let’s do something about this and prevent more families who have to live through the nightmare of the death of a child. No child’s life should be ended by the negligence of any adult especially one who fails to secure a gun.

Here are some links to organizations and charities fighting to protect you and your children. Spread the word: