Habits of the Most Highly Effective People in the World


For the next seven weeks, I will focus on a book that I recently read called, “The Seven Habits of the Most Highly Effective People in the World.” I was immediately struck by the fact that the same habits discussed in the book are those same habits that most of the feisty women I know have. Just replace “most highly effective people in the world” with the words, “most highly effective feisty women in the world” and the book really speaks the truth to feisty women everywhere. Wow. 

This really sounds great, rings true, and offers high praise to so many women who have been badly mistreated, summarily dismissed, and just plain disregarded so often in our world today.

Are you one of these “highly effective, feisty women”? I bet that you are. 

Do you always aim high and believe that the higher you aim, the more you can achieve?

Sounds great to me. Aim high, ladies, and ignore the jerks in life who get in your way and try to block your path to success. Just go right around them as your pursue your goals, dreams, and new career plans. Embrace your potential. Do not let anyone stop you ever from attaining your goals, no matter how loud, obnoxious, and belittling they may be. You can do it and we do it every day.

So, stay feisty and aim for the stars. That is why they are called stars and are waiting for you to aim as high in the sky as they are. You can achieve anything you set your mind to do. Never, believe anyone who tells you otherwise.