The Feisty Lady and Defining Integrity


Do you, feisty ladies, know anyone who possesses true integrity? Sometimes this character attribute may be hard to find or you may actually know many people who have integrity in all they say and do. To be honest, many people that I know are really quality integrity infused people. To determine if this word describes any of your friends, read my list of characteristics below. I would love to hear your reaction and the number of your friends who really are integrity at its finest.

Listed below are the qualities, I think, of those who possess integrity.

  1. This person takes responsibility for her/his actions. Honesty and doing the right thing always, even when it could be really difficult, are what makes this person truly special. (I do my best to always be honest. I can spot a liar at 10 feet and call them out to be responsible for their actions. They usually turn bright red and at least try to “recheck and correct” their actions. It works most of the time.)

  2. This person always places the needs of others before her/his own needs. They focus on doing good for the community and for the common good. (I also volunteer, but can do even more, I think. The “common good” idea is sometimes one that I struggle to define. What’s right in NY might not be right in CA. Agreed? Just do good and you will be fine is my motto.)

  3. This person always volunteers and offers to help others in need. The less fortunate really do benefit from the kindness of this person. (I do my best to model this behavior at my job and am pretty happy with my efforts and good works. I can always find a place for things that people give me, no matter how weird or different they might be.)

  4. This person always gives others the benefit of the doubt, never jumping to any conclusions. Listening to others person’s opinion or point of view is important to this person. This person will never doubt you. (I really need help with this one. My opinions are important, too but I am always in need of being a better listener, even if my opinion is the right one.)

  5. This person always chooses honesty and will always give you an opinion thatreally expresses how he/she feels. (I always do this very thing but sometimes people do not actually want my opinion. I have been called “blunt, bossy, always right, and opinionated”. All of these terms I will proudly claim because I cannot lie. How can you remember what you said to someone if you are lying? Better tell the truth and remember what you said.)

  6. This person shows respect to all people, everyone she/he meets. All people are treated like the special human being they are. No rudeness from this person. (I am pretty spot on with this one. I will treat people with respect as long as they respect me. Sometimes I am dismissed because I am older. Then I often just stay quiet and wait for the “chips to fall”. I am often then asked why I did not speak up. My standard answer is, “would you have listened anyway?” That response is also met with silence. Treat me with respect and I will treat you the same.)

  7. This person is always humble in her/his accomplishments. Readily admitting strengths and weaknesses, this person always strives to improve. (I would agree that most of my feisty friends are exactly like this. We were all taught to “never toot your own horn”, so we remain quiet about our successes. We are always taking classes or seminars to learn more about any topic of interest. We work to become better feisty woman. I will continue to do this till the day I die.)

  8. This person is always able to admit being wrong or having made a mistakeStop, apologize, admit the mistake, and move on. (I am getting better at this one. I am able to admit mistakes and apologize, even though some of work colleagues cannot. I have also learned that after I admit being wrong and screaming ensues, silence is the best medicine for me. No use arguing with those who really do not want to hear your opinions anyway.)

  9. This person is the most reliable person that you will ever meet. All obligations are fulfilled. You can count on them.  (This is me. I do what I say that I will do. My words are me. Even though I am very busy, especially writing blogs, I honor all of my commitments. You should do the same.)

  10. This person conveys true kindness. Honesty, trustworthiness, and caring are part of this person’s being. ( I am also working on always being kind, even when people are not kind to me.  It is really difficult to be kind when you have been sucker punched, but it is the right thing to do.)

So, I will work daily to get all 10 items on this list part of my daily integrity plan. I know that I can improve, always, but I still remain one happy, funny, honest, helpful, respectful, chutzpah filled, and strong feisty lady. You can do the same!

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody will know whether or not you really did it or not.” Great words, Oprah.