The Law of Giving and Hospitality

The Law of Giving and Hospitality: Give without expecting to get anything in return. The universe must be allowed to fulfill your desires in the way it sees fit. 

"The Feisty Woman and the Splashers"

I have had a great summer at the swimming pool playing #1 Auntie. I purchased our swimming pass with the hopes that we could all have a great summer at the pool. We have been swimming, diving, splashing, and of course, eating all summer long, often seven days a week. We spent many afternoons just enjoying ourselves in the cool, chlorinated waters; my sidekicks managed to learned a couple of swim strokes, to swim without noodles in the deep end, and to jump rather cleverly from the low diving board. We all had a generally great time, as the pool time now winds down for the summer. We certainly used our pool pass to the max and all of the nieces and nephews have been really happy. Their smiles were well worth the price of the ticket.

We, however, did have an issue with the splashers. Why any teenager needs to be splashing in the shallow section of the pool is beyond me. There were so many little kids swimming and enjoying themselves until the splashers arrived. The pool is fairly large and there is really no need for anyone except the little ones and their Moms, Aunties (including me), and Grandmothers to be in the shallow section. But sure as clockwork, the splashers descended on the shallow end every day around 3PM. 

No matter how often the Moms, Aunties (including me), and Grandmothers asked the splashers to leave, they still returned. We all decided that it was time to go forward with our complaints to the pool managers. The co-managers spoke to the guilty parties and things settled down for a week or two. Soon the splashers were back and the Moms, Aunties (including me), and Grandmothers went to the next level, the recreation board with their complaints. The splashers were given one final warning and things were again fine for a week or two. 

The final straw for the Moms, Aunties (including me), and Grandmothers occurred on a steamy hot afternoon when the splashers were playing a game of extreme tag and nearly trampled two four year olds. The three lead splashers were kicked out for a week and the pool was a safer place without them. The behavior of the splashers even became an issue for the town council, as more and more people were complaining about the behavior of the splashers at the pool. Fortunately, the splashers have for the most part left the pool but are now terrorizing the little kids as they ride their scooters in the park adjacent to the pool. The police have been called and the splashers have largely been A.W.O.L.; thank goodness for that.

All the Moms, Aunties (including me), and Grandmothers learned a valuable lesson about speaking up and shared it with their children: speak up when things are not as they should be or could cause you bodily harm.  Tell a responsible adult. If you do not tell anyone about a problem, they will not know. Be proactive in being your own advocate or rather….tell someone abut your problem so that they can help you fix it.

And how does this all fit in with the 8th law of Karma? Give without expecting to get anything in return. The universe must be allowed to fulfill your desires in the way it sees fit. 

Just when you wonder if things really can get better, they actually do get better. You speak up for change and things do improve. The second part of the law talks about the universe fulfilling your desires in a way that it sees fit. Expelling the splashers from the pool has been working; none have been at the pool or misbehaving at all and we have been all happy with this. The little ones are able to swim without fears. We all really expected not much to be done but were presently surprised that things have improved at the pool. We could all not be happier.

So feisty ladies, state your problem by giving it to the universe. Expect to sometimesget results in returnthat you might not expect but always prepare for surprises all of the time. Our surprise was the splashers leaving the pool, a great solution to our problem. The universe constantly amazes me. It drives the bus and really did take care of the splashers and improved the swimming for the little ones and the Moms, Aunties (including me), and the Grandmothers.

No only if all of my problems could be taken care of so easily. Guess that I have to put my needs out there and hope for more surprises. That winning lottery ticket would be really nice. I will let you know.