New Year's Resolution Update #6

The Law of Connection: The first and last steps are needed to accomplish any given task. Respect the journey and respect the whole process of doing anything. All the steps you take are important. They are all valuable. Enjoy the journey.

We are already nearly halfway through 2017, feisty ladies.  The month of June brings me to the Law of Connection. This law of connection is really a tough one for me, people who know me say. I generally want to decide the task, plan the task, and complete the task. Some friends say that I often forget to enjoy the process and all of the steps along the way. I am too goal oriented, I guess. And I must also be lacking in respect because I apparently have no appreciation for the process, they also say. Oh brother. Anyone else hear this from the friends? I don’t agree at all. I do enjoy completing tasks and will enjoy the process when I look back on the completed task. That is how I work best so my friends will just have to live with this. Go Elizabeth!

There are so many things that I want to do that I honestly sometimes forget to take the time to reflect upon the steps of the task at hand except for my writing, of course. I feel writing has really helped me connect my past (oh God), the present (going well), and my (ever hopeful) future as I work on my Feisty Lady series of books. Writing is a step-by-step process with no shortcuts, only re-edits. I know that I have to go slowly to get all of the details right, to have one story flow into the next story, and to always have an ending that offers advice, no matter how good or bad it really is. Maybe this is how I best succeed in living the Law of Connection. And maybe I should just keep on doing what I do best: writing my funny, quirky stories of all those women who have survived their very own Mr. Wonderful and kept their sense of humor to live a better life without him.

So ladies, my advice to you is to do you own thing, in your own way, in your own time. Take the steps that work for you. Choose to reflect or not reflect. Enjoy your life. Live the Law of Connection in your own way. Respect yourself and be happy doing whatever offers you the connection that you need. Be happy. I am.